How to Potty Train Your Dog Without Losing Your Mind

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It’s a parent’s rite of passage – potty training. And whether you’re potty training a two-legged or a four-legged kid, the struggle is real. There will be accidents. There may be crying. There is no “one size fits all” approach to potty training, but the experts all agree on this: with some perseverance and some patience, there will be success. … Read More

Do This One Thing Before You Aerate Your Lawn This Spring

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Spring is here, and the warmer weather beckons you outdoors. Stepping out into the fresh air, you notice it—the remnants of winter on your yard. Add in a dog or two, and you’ve got a mushy lawn in need of attention. Spring is the perfect time to catch up on those outdoor projects, including breathing new life into your winter-worn … Read More

How to Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks This Spring

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Spring is right around the corner—the time of year that symbolizes renewal in the form of budding trees and flowers, warmer weather and outdoor activities. It’s what we’ve been waiting for to awaken us from the winter doldrums. And just like you, your dog welcomes the new season and looks forward to more frequent trips outside, outdoor playtime and longer … Read More

A Safe Halloween for Your Dog

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Halloween is right around the corner! That means it’s time to break out the candy and the costumes. You may love this time of year – but all of the Halloween-related changes going on could potentially mean trouble for your dog. To keep you and your furry friend safe, it’s best to play by the following ground rules. Fido Doesn’t … Read More

Keeping Your Pups Cool in the Summer Heat

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You might be feeling uncomfortable in the summer heat – but can you imagine what your furry friend is feeling? It’s like they have a winter coat on that they can never take off! In all seriousness, dogs often overheat in the summertime if proper precautions aren’t taken. Dogs who suffer from heatstroke often have difficulty recovering and re-hydrating, and … Read More

When is an Electronic Fence Right for You?

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Having dogs is the great joy of many people’s lives. That being said, chasing after those same dogs when they manage to escape their house or yard is a lot less joyful – especially as we get into the hot, humid summer months. Nobody wants to run down the street in their pajamas and flip flops after Fido! For this … Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Adding a New Dog to Your Family

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Spring and summer can be a great time to add a new dog to your family. The warmer temperatures make outdoor time with your new dog much more pleasant. Who wants to be outside trying to get a new puppy to go potty in the middle of the night in the freezing cold? But, there are other things to take … Read More

How old should my puppy be?

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Since the introduction of GentleSteps training, many pet owners are setting their puppies up on their Pet Stop systems at just 8 weeks old. Because of the low-level of correction that Pet Stop receivers can offer, dogs and cats can now be trained to a Pet Stop invisible pet fence system earlier than ever. Our professional trainers can teach your … Read More