We provide the St. Louis area with professional, custom installations of the most advanced and effective electronic fence systems available today. The safety of your pet is important to us. With our electronic pet fence system your dog or cat will be free to roam outside without the worry that they will get hit by a car, get into the neighbor’s garbage, or just simply disappear.

Once you contact us, we can either give you an estimate based on your property size and number of pets, or we can set up an appointment for an on-site estimate to discuss your pet fencing needs.  This gives you a chance to see the most advanced pet fence system available today.  It also gives us the chance to meet you and your pet!  Our pet containment systems protect your pet, and we craft our dog fences to meet all of your containment needs. We’d love the opportunity to install an electronic dog fence in your yard.

Underground Dog Fence Systems: The basic layouts

The basics have remained the same over the years. Typically, there is a buried wire around the perimeter of a property with training flags. This wire begins and ends at a transmitter that is located at an indoor outlet for power.  Your pet wears a small customized receiver that is programmed for size and temperment.  Using our Low Stress Training protocal your pet is introduced to the boundary and is free to roam your property in 7-10 days.

The following are the most common layout options:

Full Loop Layout
Whole Perimeter Layout:  Your pet can roam freely around the entire property.

Figure-8 Layout

Hourglass Layout:
  Another whole perimeter layout, but notice that the sides of the home are pinched off.  This creates two zones – a front and back zone.  This gives you more control of how much freedom your pet receives.  The only way for your pet to access either zone is through the home.

Double-Loop Layout

Double-Loop Layout:
  Above is another common layout, but probably the least used. This is a strictly backyard only layout, the drawback being that it does not effectively contain your pet if it were to run out a front door or garage.

Indoor Wireless Pet Containment

Keep your cat off the fine furniture and your dog away from the garbage can. Along with our outdoor systems, we offer indoor pet containment solutions as well. Our Indoor Transmitters features the same extremely customizable settings and features as the outdoor transmitting, and also features a wireless option.

Pet Fence Receiver Collars & Training

The system operates with a transmitter that sends signal through the antenna wire that is buried. Your pet wears an electronic collar that picks up the signal from the wire. With proper training, your pet will begin to understand the risk and rewards of getting too close to the fence boundaries.

The electronic collar is designed to warn and/or give a static correction to the pet. This correction is adjustable and harmless to the pet and is only meant to serve as a deterrent to the pet if it enters a fenced off area. With a little training and some repetitive conditioning your pet can be roaming free and enjoying the boundaries of the yard.

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