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Have you ever found yourself driving around the neighborhood, calling out the window for your family’s dog? Then you’ve probably considered a dog containment system! We provide the St. Louis area with professional, custom installations of the most advanced and effective electronic dog fence systems available today!

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My name is Don Powell and I, along with my wife, Dana, own and operate Pet Stop of St. Louis. Our goal is to safely contain your pets with the best containment and training products on the market. This is why we use American Manufactured Pet Stop® products. We know how to design and install your custom pet fence in only a few days. We take care of all the utility locations for you, giving you and your pet freedom from leashes and tieouts. Pet Stop of St. Louis is proud to offer the Pet Stop® and Perimeter Technologies® brand of electronic pet fence system. Our electric containment system components are entirely made in America, not outsourced to China like our competitors. We offer do-it-yourself systems starting at $350 and complete installed systems starting at $850. We also sell spare receivers, collars, comfort tips, and batteries compatible with Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard®, and Pet Safe® brand systems. Our customers, both pets and owners, are what drive us. Read on or call today and let’s begin installing your system to a happier dog!

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The safety of your pet is important to us. With our electronic pet fence system, your pet will have the freedom to roam outside without the worry that they will get hit by a car, get into the neighbor’s garbage, or even run away.

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Years of experience you can rely on! St. Louis Dog Fence is dedicated to bringing you the very best in electric pet containment, and as dealers of Pet Stop® brand, we are proud to be able to provide products with such an excellent pedigree. Pet Stop president John Purtell has the most executive experience in the pet containment industry, because he’s also the former president and original founder of Invisible Fence®! Teamed together with former Invisible Fence® Chief Engineer Scott Touchton, and former Invisible Fence® Manufacturing Engineer Richard Kapolka, together they’ve built the most experienced, most dependable pet containment company in the industry!     More about our Manufacturer

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We offer a variety of Pet Stop® brand Receivers, Batteries, and Collars. For more information on our products, view our Sales Page; or visit our Web Store for our full online catalog!

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Gone are the days of leash-snaps and heavy-handed methods, and gone are the days of frightened dogs, we are spreading the word of...

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We offer FREE ESTIMATES because not all electronic pet fence systems are alike. We want to ensure we meet your needs and select the correct layout for your space.

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